Improving Customer Feedback on Social Channels

The internet has changed how people communicate, interact, and discover information. Guest research restaurants via mobile to discover as much as possible to whet their appetite. Primarily, people want social proof the restaurant will offer great experiences. One of the key ways they can be certain of this is if they see positive reviews from others. Learn the ways on how you can improve the quality of customer feedback in your social channels so you can get better conversions, ROIs, and an overall healthy reputation. 

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support can offer many services and mitigate issues immediately. Customers can have their questions answered promptly about their item and everything that pertains to hours, menu and directions. The result is great customer services and less frustration on the part of the customer. Chat support also identifies problem patterns so long-term solutions can be formed. Make your live chat proactive. For example, if your customer has been on the website for a certain time immediately flash up the live chat box.

Form an Online Community

Your audience and customers are already interested in your restaurant and your brand so why not form an online community where you can build engagement and share content? A forum would be a great place to get direct feedback although it will need continuous monitoring. You need a moderator whose responsibilities include creating new discussions posting and updating regularly, responding to feedback, and so on. Having a forum strengthens your relationship with the customer and is an excellent way to get new ideas. 

Humanize Your Restaurant’s Website

Most people are turned off by a restaurant website that comes across as impersonal so by humanizing your site you are likely to encourage customer feedback and interaction.  You have to increase the personality of the website by creating a fictional or real character to symbolize the brand. For example, as a restaurant brand, you can create a character which has their vision of what they find to be delicious and healthy eating. Create an intimacy with your audience that can help them identify with your characters and your brand.  Tell your story.

Monitor Social Channels

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are places where customers leave their feedback as well as Google and Yelp. There are various tools that help in your social media listening so you will know exactly what your audience is thinking regarding your products and services. You can use a tool that lets you monitor the social media engagement of your competitors. Social listening helps you address any social issue that may arise and to improve your customer’s user experience. Time is important when responding to complaints via social media because bad feedback travels fast. 

Use Negative Feedback to Show Professionalism

Negative feedback is bound to crop up from time to time. However, you can use this to your advantage. You are bound to have a few disgruntled customers but let it be a way of showing your problem-solving skills.  To manage a bad restaurant review, you can start by apologizing and responding respectfully. You can then change the platform as a way of diffusing the tension. You can ask the customer to contact you in an e-mail instead of continuing the conversation in the feedback panel. Responding smartly will show how much you value customer service and resolving complaints.