The War On Cash: Visa Offers Restaurant Merchants Incentive to Go Cashless

by Nicole Bryan2 Min Read

To Visa, a cashless culture means convenience, security and ease of use. That translates to freedom for consumers and merchants alike.

Beginning in August, Visa will roll out a new initiative called the Visa Cashless Challenge. According to the Wall Street Journal, this new initiative will work to push small merchants away from cash and towards card-and mobile-based payments. Merchants in the food and restaurant industries will be able to go through an application-based process, where 50 small businesses will be selected to receive roughly $10,000 to upgrade their payment processing to accept cashless forms of payments. In return, those selected merchants will limit or completely remove their cash payments.

Nicole Bryan

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Nicole Bryan is the digital content writer for Sterling Payment Technologies, a payment processing company based in Tampa, FL. Sterling is a payment processor offering solutions designed to help grow their customers’ businesses more profitably and efficiently.

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